COVID-19 Just the Data

As data scientists, it's painful to see skewed analysis that is based off of irrationally coupled data. We call this P-Hacking, basically spinning actual data to support an argument vs actually just analyzing to get the answer. Unless you're simply not on social media or the internet in general, you've seen a massive amount of misinformation regarding Covid-19. What we are providing are some key metrics regarding the virus, that will allow the user to inform themselves. It’s how we as data scientists, view the world. Generally speaking, having good data, and knowing how to use it, is the best way to make good decisions. In an effort to support the current COVID-19 virus outbreak, we’re aggregating data from multiple state government medical sources to create our own visualization of the viruses impact.

We'll be adding additional information about the Coronavirus and COVID-19 as we collect more data.

The data of this virus is constantly changing, and there may be a lag in our graphs updating. We're going for data accuracy, not data speed.

Our information about COVID-19 is also available on the CDC, World Health Organization, and the COVID Tracking Project.