Nth-tern class #1

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Houston, TX – NthDS just concluded its Spring internship with our first class of Nth-terns, all from the Petroleum Engineering Masters program at the University of Houston. All 3 joined Nth with little to no programing experience and none with any past work in AI. CEO Michael Ramirez said “It was a great opportunity for Sami, Cuong and Max…they definitely made the most of it. We were able to combine the education we disseminated to them with “real world” problem solving to reinforce their knowledge, which is something most internships fall short on. They definitely provided tangible contributions during this 3 month period. I feel like these guys have set themselves ahead of their peers by diversifying their skill set to include innovation as such.”

Maxime Wong had this to say “Throughout my internship at Nth DS, I’ve learned how to use coding software such as Python to do data analysis in related to oil and gas industry. I got to see some real world drilling reports, mud log reports, and well log data, this experience has enhanced my knowledge of petroleum engineering.” Sami Khan just graduated from the masters program and has decided to move into the field of data science with NthDS. “Working in a highly innovative and collaborative work culture, I have learned how to successfully drive innovation as a team and add valuable performance to the company, a lesson I will bear in mind throughout my professional development.” said Cuong Le.

Uche Ohafia, the V.P. of artificial intelligence and innovation and also a graduate of the UH Petroleum Engineering Masters program noted of Sami Khan “Sami would show up everyday to soak up knowledge which was pretty amazing considering this was an unpaid internship. I think exposing him to the intense puzzle solving that most engineers crave really unlocked another side of him. That’s very rewarding to see because we get to experience their amazement when they see what AI can do.”

Nth-terns (Class 1) – Maxime Wong, Cuong Le, Sami Khan