About Us


NthDS is an artificial intelligence tech company that specializes in data location and extraction automation. Our mission is to solve to bottleneck problems that get in the way of companies and the data they need to make profitable decisions.


Meet the team behind it all:

Michael Ramirez

CEO Co-Founder

Michael is a data scientist who specializes in Computer Vision. He programmed the original algorithms in Nspect and remains active in the AI and Machine Learning product development in addition to leading strategic and biz dev initiatives for the company. Prior to NthDS, Michael spent his career focusing on automation initiatives as a Data Analyst and IT Consultant in the supply chain realm. Michael attended the University of Houston where he studied Civil Engineering and Mathematics. He is a veteran who served in the US Army prior to attending UH.

Johnathan Green

CTO Co-Founder

Johnathan is the co-founder of NthDS. He is a Full Stack Developer with 15 years of experience with an emphasis on automation and "outside the box" solutions. Over the years Johnathan has created MVC solutions for relational database web applications and automated many multi-domain data validation / integrity tasks with backend checks and data storage. He codes in over 20 scripting and object languages and is a classical computer vision expert. Johnathan attended Texas A&M University where he studied Civil Engineering and Mathematics.

Laura Keller

Director of Subsurface Data

Mike S. Mount

Board of Directors

Mr. Mount has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry ranging from geology/geophysics to owning companies with revenue > $100m  He began his career as a geologist for Sierra Exploration/CANUSA in 1978, where he worked for 5 years primarily in West Texas and Canada. After Sierra, Mr. Mount founded Maverick Properties Inc. and served as its president for 10 years. While at Maverick, he was a prospect generator and also structured joint ventures in North and West Texas. His next venture had him assume the role as President of MPI Holding in San Antonio, Texas, an oil and gas company that he led through a successful IPO in Canada. After exiting MPI Holding Mr. Mount founded Trek Oil and Gas Inc. a company based in Houston, Texas. A successful joint venture was formed with Palace Exploration out of New York City, N.Y. in 1998. This successful relationship continued until 2012. Trek developed, drilled and operated oil and gas projects in the Permian Basin throughout that time for this JV. After purchasing most of the outstanding WI from its partners Trek was then sold in 2014. Mike Mount continued to act as President until exiting in 2018. Mike formed Sunset Resources Corporation and remains active as owner in guiding the generation and development of O&G projects in West Texas with this company. Mike holds a B.S. in Geology from Midwestern State University as well as an active alumni from Oklahoma University.

Kandis Barrio

Project Manager

Kandis is a diligent project manager who is dedicated to quality. Her focus is on training data creation and QC. She worked with Mike for many years in logistics overseeing major operations and processes.