Michael Ramirez (CEO/co-founder)

Michael is a data scientist, innovator and AI evangelist. He programmed the logic in the Nspect solution using Python algorithms and Tensorflow (machine learning). Michael’s focus now is on strategic initiatives, new product innovation and business development. Prior to Nth DS, Michael spent his career as a Data Analyst and IT Consultant in the supply chain realm.

Michael attended the University of Houston where he studied Civil Engineering and Mathematics. He is a veteran who served in the US Army prior to attending UH.

Johnathan Green (co-founder)

Johnathan is the co-founder of Nth DS. He is a Full Stack Developer with 10 years of experience with an emphasis on automation and "outside the box" solutions. Over the years Johnathan has created MVC solutions for relational database web applications and automated many multi-domain data validation / integrity tasks with backend checks and data storage. He codes in over 15 scripting and object languages.

Johnathan attended Texas A&M University where he studied Civil Engineering and Mathematics.

Uche Ohafia (VP AI/Innovation)

Uche is a specialist and enthusiast of computer vision, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning. Uche has a wide variety of experience in oil & gas, manufacturing, refineries, brewery, consulting, and technology. He is also a serial entrepreneur, with ventures in fashion, e-commerce, and quantitative funds. He is passionate about technology, automation and business.

Uche holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a masters degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Houston.

Sam Benner (VP Technology)

Sam is a mathematician and Full Stack Developer.  He provides continuous innovation/upgrades to our internal review platform and manages the databases. Sam also integrates the ML models to our code base. He previously built MVC websites on demand and codes in 10 different languages.

Sam studied Mathematics and Linguistics at the University of Calgary.