Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez is the CEO and co-founder of Nth DS. Mike’s diverse career has been spent in business development, project management and IT Solutions consulting. He specialized in identifying opportunities to streamline and automate as well as running business units in the corporate sector. Mike codes primarily in Python and used that in conjunction with the machine learning framework Tensorflow to collaborate in the creation of Nspect, the primary solution offering by Nth DS.

Prior to his professional career Mike was enlisted in the US Army, after being honorably discharged he used his GI Bill to attend the University of Houston where he studied math and engineering.

Johnathan Green

Johnathan Green is the CTO and co-founder of Nth DS. He is the quintessential Full Stack Developer with 10 years of experience with an emphasis on automation and "outside the box" solutions. Over the years Johnathan has created MVC solutions for relational database web applications and automated many multi-domain data validation / integrity tasks with backend checks and data storage. He codes in over 15 scripting and object languages.

Johnathan studied math and engineering at Texas A&M.

Chase Stefani

Chase Stefani is the VP of Strategy of Nth DS. Chase worked in real estate and data analysis prior to pursuing his Master's in Applied Economics. He has worked on creating and analyzing proprietary datasets in multiple areas including crime, energy and emergent technology. Chase's academic work is in data analysis and he is fluent Stata and SAS but primarily codes in Python, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Chase attended The College of William and Mary and Montana State University for Political Theory and Applied Economics.