Automate your document digitizing process for a massive increase in efficiency

Saving Time and Money with Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Shared drives are chaotic. Back-end office processes, like data entry, are costly and time consuming. Leveraging the combined power of our A.I. and RPA solutions, we can organize your chaotic shared drives, interface with your document management tools/email boxes to crawl and classify various document types (Invoices, POs, BOLs, etc.), and automate the data entry of these valuable documents.

How does it work?

Upload Files

First, we’ll need to import the data to our system. Our Robotic Process Automation allows us to pull files from your email box and extract documents or, alternatively, it will interface with your FTP to pull the files. There’s also an option to manually upload the data from your browser. 


The crawler will then begin to understand what document we’re looking at. Let’s say you have all types of invoices coming into a single mailbox but you only want brokerage invoices. The crawler will first sort all of the brokerage invoices out, then scan through the pages to distinguish what is an invoice, filtering out BOLs, POs, etc. and send that invoice to our review platform, Nspect.


Nspect will then extract all of the required data from the form and put it into a structured format that can be consumed by applications and databases.


You can access the extracted data and images in our Nspect Cloud or just have them sent right into your system!

Ready to see it in action?

Automatically Rename All Your Files To A Consistent Standardization

Document naming conventions are very important, but often times document names aren't standardized or they are mislabeled entirely causing a substantial amount of wasted time. Using Crawler + Nspect allows us to classify the documents to what they are like invoices or purchase orders then extract key data elements from the document and use this to uniquely rename your file. This not only helps you easily find things in shared drives but it also allows the databases across your network to “talk” and enhance your internal software like dashboards and KPI reporting. 

As a guy who has worked in Freight Forwarding for 20 years and experienced overburdened staff because of LEAN reductions, this is great. My employees can now focus on keeping our customers happy by focusing on timely pickup and on time delivery while reducing costs.

Peter, NthDS Customer

Ready to See It In Action?

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