Shared drives are clusters of information, where you can spend as much time looking for files as it took to create them. Our document crawler uses state-of-the-art machine learning to recognize different document types and sort them accordingly.  Even if what you are looking for is on page 130 out of a 400 page document, the NthDS crawler can find them, organize them, and even relabel them.

The Crawler is easy to implement and works extremely fast.

Eliminate recreating documents and improve workflow NOW!

560x Faster Than alternate methods


The Crawler solution is installed or "sits" on top of the directory or server that contains all of the files/folders to be searched.


The crawler sorts through each folder finding all pertinent files. Using our custom neural net, the solution identifies document types down to a page level. Even if there are multiple documents consolidated in one pdf, the crawler can find these for designation.


Once the files are identified, they are sorted and "tagged" with the appropriate type designator i.e "Invoice", “purchase order”, "Image". This can be inserted into the file name on the database side or a renaming of the aesthetic name. This can be limited to a simple designation on the database side or the crawler can virtually move the files into different directories.


The sorted files can then be organized by type to be sent through Nspect’s digitizing functions, or can simply be accessed with the ease of a well organized file system.

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