Nspect by NthDS is making manual data entry obsolete in the oil and gas sector. This breakthrough A.I. technology automates the data entry of a wide variety of data records.

The first client we worked with was an international oil and gas corporation based in Houston undertaking upstream, midstream, and downstream projects all over the world worth billions of dollars. This well-known company owns tens of thousands of historical records and logs potential worth millions of dollars in actionable data, but the industry-standard process for digitizing this data—manual data entry—was too slow, too costly, and too error-prone to be effective. nSpect changed all that.

Even better, we can prove it. Want to see for yourself how much time and money Nspect saved our client? Simply enter your email address to receive a free download of a case study detailing the numbers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of machine-learning data entry experts. Our mission is to make scanning, sorting, uploading, and searching records quick and painless. Contact us today to learn how much time and money we can save your business. 

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