Well Log Library

NthDS is excited to announce the release of our Well Log Library! Using Nspect, we’ve digitized 50k well log headers as part of the phase I initiative to compile the log library, and we expect that number to 10x this year. Curve extraction will begin in phase II (July 2022), but we’ve casually added 2k curves to the library in the past few months benchmarking the algorithm and testing platform QC updates. You can also request curve digitizing for any of the 150k rasters or we can pull from other public databases on demand RIGHT NOW! 

How are we doing this? Artificial Intelligence allows us to extract the data faster and more accurately than using legacy methods. Confidence scoring algorithms and programmed business logic conceptualized by subsurface data experts, determines if the data needs to be reviewed by one of our operators. This presents the opportunity for pure automation of the data extraction and the more data Nspect ingests, the faster and more accurate it becomes. This means higher accuracy and reduced cost vs the other libraries.

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